Welcome and thanks for visiting the home page of Lake Geneva Chiropractic.  Please take a few minutes to browse our site, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at 262-248-8177.

Together our doctors have over 27 years of experience.  They believe in a gentle "hands-on" approach to healing.  Call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Buntrock or Dr. David Bergmann.

Dr. Buntrock and Dr. Bergmann specialize in treating a variety of conditions. They treat patients daily who suffer from chronic lower back and neck pain, headaches, repetitive stress disorders, work injuries and whiplash. Their care is unique. They provide our patients excellent Chiropractic Care, therapies including Cold Laser, Rehabilitative Exercise, Interferential and Kinesiotaping as well as Custom Foot Orthotics, professional ergonomic and nutritional advice and S.H.A.P.E. Presentations. 

Mandy Mehner and Patti Smith, licensed massage therapists, are on hand to serve your muscle needs.  Mandy practices integrative therapeutic massage as well as Swedish massage  and also has specialized education in pre-natal massage.  Patti specializes in Therapeutic, Relaxation, Myofascial Release, Manual Lymph Drainage, Acupressure, Trigger Point Therapy, Pregnancy & Reiki massage techniques.   Mandy and Patti can alter the massage so that it fits your personal needs.  
 Chiropractic is proven effective 
in the treatment of many ailments  including...

Stress          Headaches          Dizziness          Neck Pain      Shoulder and Arm Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome     Lower Back Pain     Mid and Upper Back Pain     Scoliosis
Leg Pain (Sciatica)     Numbness and Tingling          Joint Stiffness     Earache/Ear Infections
Muscle Spasms     Low Energy     
and many other common health issues.

Our Mission

To be recognized as offering a versatile approach to chiropractic care that improves the mechanics of the spine, reduces nervous system interference, and maximizes quality of life.

Our team will inspire and educate our patients to become active in their own well-being.
Office Hours

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8:30-12:00  2:00-5:30

For emergency/after hours please call the office at 
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Welcome to 
Lake Geneva Chiropractic
The Benefits of Chiropractic go beyond relieving back and neck pain, 
helping people of all ages.
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Insurance / Managed Care Plans Accepted: 

  • Blue Cross 
  • United Health Care
  • Humana 
  • Medicare
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Medicaid/Forward Health
  • Health E.O.S.
  • PHCS
  • Trilogy
  • First Health Coventry
  • Auto Accident
  • Personal Injury  

Types of Payment Accepted:

Cash      Check
MasterCard      Visa
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Dr. Jeffrey G. Buntrock
Dr. David T. Bergmann
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Massage Therapy

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Shoulder and Arm Pain
​We will examine you and conduct diagnostic tests to determine exactly what is causing your pain. Because the causes and the seriousness of different conditions are so varied, it is important to pinpoint the cause and begin the most appropriate treatment. We will discover if your problem is mild and transitory, or serious and likely to trouble you for a long time. A broken bone cannot be treated in the same manner as bursitis or tendinitis. Arthritis and gout call for different care than pain originating in nerves that supply the shoulder and arm. 

Chiropractic can be successfully employed to deal with so-called frozen shoulder, a severe inflammation technically known as adhesive capsulitis. We are accustomed to relieving painful trigger points between the spine and shoulder.  All chiropractors can help you modify your habits and lifestyle to protect yourself from arm and shoulder injuries and ailments.
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Dr. Buntrock came out on top this year - however - the good sport he is he joined Dr. Bergmann as they both ran into Geneva Lake.  And if you are wondering ... YES Geneva Lake was cold!